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Now that winter is out of the way it’s time to get back into the garden and make it look its best for spring, and prepare it for the dry summer months ahead. Have a major spruce up around the garden at the start of spring, once this is done you can sit back and enjoy your garden and watch it flourish.


Start off with a good general rake up and collection of any tree, bush and general garden debris that has collected over winter. If the rubbish is compostable put it in your compost heap (if you have one) or in your green waste collection bin, this way it will not go to waste.

Once this is done you can remove any weeds either by hand or by using a natural weed killer like Beat A Weed then apply a good organic fertiliser. Richgro Mega Booster Complete Fertiliser, Blood & Bone or a liquid fertiliser like Charlie Carp are ideal to apply over the entire garden and will get it off to a flying start. Finish the job off with an application of good quality mulch like Richgro Pine Bark Mulch. This will not only make the garden look great but will assist with water retention and weed suppression over the coming months.

Keep an eye out whilst in the garden for any signs of bugs such as Azalea lace bug and aphids on your plants (especially on Roses), if you see any, an application of a good general insect killer will do the trick. If you want to use a natural product Richgro Beat A Bug Insect Spray is fantastic and can be used on edible crops or for a systemic application Richgro Bug Killa is ideal as it is easy to use and lasts for up to 6 weeks.


Check your lawn out to see if it is spongy under foot, and if it is, a de-thatch (scarify) may be in order. Scarifying your lawn removes all the dead lawn and thatch that has built up over time. Removing this will reduce the risk of fungal diseases and allow water and fertiliser to penetrate into your lawn more efficiently. Your local lawn mowing contractor can do this for you or you may want to have a go yourself, if so, scarifiers can be hired at your local hire shop.

Note Buffalo lawns do not respond to scarifying, if you have a buffalo lawn that is really spongy you can aerate it with a garden fork, hire a lawn coring machine or ask you local lawn mowing contractor to do it.

Once done, make sure you apply a good soil wetter to ensure water penetration (Richgro Ezi Wet granular or liquid are ideal) and a good quality lawn fertiliser. Keep an eye on the weather and if the temperature heats up you may need to apply a little extra water to the lawn until it gets back to normal. If you have the Richgro app you can set a watering reminder or even a custom reminder so you get an automated reminder straight to your Smartphone!

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