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Winter is usually a time that we all take a bit of break from the garden and relax over a nice coffee or two and watch the footy, read a book or just take it easy. Whilst the work in the garden is reduced there are a few things that we need to do just to keep the garden, lawn and pot plants ticking over until spring comes along.


The end of July is the perfect time to prune your Roses.

Make sure your secateurs are nice and sharp! Prune about half the height of the bush then take out any dead canes, making sure you cut these off at the base.

Leave any newer canes ensuring you leave room for sunlight to get through and to ensure good circulation of air; this will reduce risk of fungal infection.

Clean up old leaves and petals around the base of the plants, and then you’re done.

Fruit Trees

Now is a good time to prune your deciduous fruit trees to reduce size if you wish to. Most fruit trees start to store nutrient for spring now so feed them up with a complete fertiliser such as Richgro Organic Mega Booster or Richgro Fruit & Citrus Plus fertiliser. Keep an eye out for scale and if it is present apply Richgro Lime Sulfur at the recommended rate.


If you applied lawn fertiliser at the end of summer as I suggested in my last blog then there is pretty much no other work to be done on your lawn. If you did not apply fertiliser at the end of summer, don’t do it now as it will not be taken up by the lawn as it is pretty much dormant this time of year, just make sure you give it a good feed early in spring. Keep an eye out for Bindii and broad leaf weeds in your lawn and if you see them treat with Richgro Bindi and Weedkiller for Lawns (including Buffalo Lawns) this will ensure you don’t have any nasty Bindii or weeds come spring time!


Winter is a good time to mulch your garden, as a good application of mulch will reduce weed growth and keep the soil warm over the cold winter months.

Clean up any general waste and old plant material that may be lying around, this will reduce infestations of slaters, earwigs, snails, slugs and fungal diseases

An application Sulphate of Potash to your plants is a good idea in winter as this will help build up plant strength which helps the plant resist diseases and will also ensure vibrant flowers and juicy fruit and vegetables in spring.

If you are looking for a  project this winter why not plant a herb garden. Winter is an ideal time to plant garlic, parsley , dill and many other herbs. Try planting in a vertical garden but make sure it is positioned for morning sun and use a good planting mix.

Oh and don’t forget to water your pot plants and hanging baskets, it is easy to forget about them in the depth of winter as you tend to go outside less!

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