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Every garden from the smallest to the largest is bound to have a pot in it, you’ll even find them in an apartment with or without a balcony!  But life in a pot can be difficult for a plant so you need to get the best quality potting mix you can afford.

Why can’t you simply use garden soil in a pot?  Well there are a few reasons – soil unlike potting mix has a mixture of sand, loam and clay and they are often not in equal measurements, in a potting mix you get the optimum combination of drainage and water / nutrient holding capacity so your plants get water without drowning. Along with this you get added fertilisers, nutrients and additional tonics like seaweed so your plants can perform in the restricted growing area of a pot.

Like most things there are levels of quality when it comes to potting mix, with the best ones having the red tick symbol on them, which is a way of letting you know they have passed a series of tests.  The red tick should not be mistaken with the black tick, although these potting mixes still comply with Australian Standards, they do not meet the levels the red tick commands and will not last as long as the red tick.

What’s in a red tick mix? – well all brands have a different combination of ingredients but those red tick mixes get tested on wettability, air filled porosity, PH and they have to have a minimum of 12 weeks worth of slow release fertiliser in them to aid in feeding your plants.

Plants that have a short life span such as annuals are fine to use in black tick potting mixes, they will exhaust the nutrients in the mix before their life cycle is complete and this can be added back in after the plants are removed. However for longer growing plants, you want the benefits of the red tick for on-going plant health. The use of such a premium potting mix will actually save you money, time and effort in the long run so well worth the investment up front.

I have been having great results with Richgro Premium Potting Mix With Seaweed and used it solely on a roof top garden I recently completed. As you can see in the pictures the plants are thriving with only 6 weeks growth turning the rooftop into a garden oasis.

Roof top garden by Charlie

I find Richgro Premium Potting Mix With Seaweed is perfect for plants as it is enhanced with seaweed (obviously), EZI-WET soil wetter, controlled release fertiliser along with a balanced level of trace elements. Another one of Richgro’s mixes which is identical is the Seaweed Premium Potting Mix – available at selected garden centres on the East Coast.

Extensive trials have shown that the addition of seaweed in a potting mixture at point of manufacture improves plant growth, colour and improves resistance to transplant shock. The seaweed added is a totally organic Australian manufactured product that is well known for its ability to stimulate root systems, improve the number and colour do my math homework of blooms, reduce the effects of insect and fungal disease and assists plants to cope with adverse weather conditions such as drought and frost.

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