How to Use: Organics Palm & Fern Plant Food

ESTABLISHED PALMS: Apply 500g to 1Kg at each application every six weeks from August to March.
Apply out towards the edges of the canopy of fronds where the feeding roots are. Soak the ground thoroughly in that region and apply fertiliser over that area. Do not apply closer than 20cm to the trunk of the palm. Always water in thoroughly after.
FERNS: Ferns grow slowly and have quite limited fertiliser requirements. Be careful when fertilizing ferns not to over-apply. ESTABLISHED FERNS IN THE GARDEN: Feed ferns in the early Spring by sprinkling a small handful of fertiliser on the soil around each clump. Apply the fertiliser 30-50cm from the base of the plant so as not to burn the surface roots.
Water in thoroughly after application.
FERNS IN POTS: 10 grams (1 level tablespoon) per 20cm pot. 20 grams (2 level tablespoons) per 25cm pot. 40 grams (4 level tablespoons) per 30cm pot.
Lightly mix into the soil’s surface and water in well.
Do not use on areas where organic livestock are to graze unless fully dug in and incorporated into the soil.

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