How to Use: Snail & Slug Killer Pellets

DO NOT place pellets in heaps.

Scatter the pellets thinly over the soil, around the plants or wherever the slugs and snails are to be found. Apply pellets 10cm apart (or at the rate of 5g per square metre). For best results apply on a warm, moist evening, after rain or after garden watering when snails and slugs are most likely to attack your precious plants and vegetables.

One pack of 500g covers 100 square meters

Snail Pellet Safety: Snail and slug pellets can be harmful to humans and animals. Because of the high grain content of snail and slug pellets they are attractive not only to snails and slugs but pets as well.  Be aware that dogs particularly, are prone to poisoning from snail pellets. Research and information gained from veterinarians indicate that most poisonings of dogs have resulted from dogs consuming the contents of a whole packet of snail killer.  It is essential that storage is in a safe place away from young children, animals, poultry or ducks. Small dogs and puppies can be attracted to snail pellets especially if the snail pellets are heaped. If you have a small dog or puppy, apply small scattered amounts of snail pellets amongst your plants to minimise the risk of consumption.

What not to do: DO NOT place pellets in heaps. DO NOT allow chemicals or product to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds.

Please refer to the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for information on how to safely use this product.