News: Launch Of The New Richgro Landscape & Commercial Division


A.Richards Pty Ltd is proud to announce the launch of the New Richgro Landscape & Commercial Division. This division was formed through the merger of Amazon Soils and Richgro’s Commercial Division.

Amazon Soils and Landscaping Supplies was acquired by Richgro in 2004. They are a major supplier of quality soils, mulches and landscape products into the consumer and commercial landscape sectors in WA.

The Richgro Commercial Division has been at the service of the horticultural, landscape and garden maintenance industries since 1970. The division specialised in the supply of quality bulk growing media, fertilisers and a broad range of horticultural products.

Amazon was an ideal “fit” with the existing Richgro business, joining two leading Soil and Garden Suppliers together, to provide a superior service and products to the WA Market. Having worked side by side for years the merger of the two companies will strengthen the core of the business and enable better economies of scale and operations for growth and diversification.

The NEW Richgro Landscape & Commercial division specialises in the supply of high quality growing media, landscape soils, mulches, organics, fertilisers and specialist products. This division aims to supply commercial nurseries, landscapers, local government authorities, contractors, schools, vineyards, golf courses and the turf markets, with an eye to expand further into the horticultural, viticulture and agricultural markets as new products come on line.

A.Richards Pty Ltd is now over a 100 years old and still 100% Australian owned and operated and Richgro is very proud to be recognised as one of Australia’s top gardening brands based right here in Western Australia.

Whilst we are excited about this change, business will continue as usual for all our valued customers. Although the name is different, the great service and products will remain with experienced Manager Rob Gileno and Sales Manager David Miles still at the reigns.
Geoff Richards
Managing Director
A.Richards Pty Ltd

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