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Spring is the best time to get out in the garden. The winter chill has gone, the days are getting longer and your garden is about to burst into life.

1. Get your grass going

To get your grass going, get out in the garden and fork and aerate your lawn. In early Spring, apply a weedkiller to remove broadleaf weeds and those pesky bindii. Follow up a few weeks later with lawn fertiliser to keep the grass growing strong and prevent new weeds.

If you have some bare patches or want to start a whole new lawn from scratch, now is the time to prepare the lawn to grow grass from seed. When the soil warms up, you’ll be able to establish your grass before the heat of summer hits.

2. Nourish your soil

Before the growing season gets into full swing, just about everything will appreciate a good dose of nutrition.

The NEW  RICHGRO BLACK MARVEL GARDEN COMPOST will provide your new or existing garden with a boost of natural organic nutrients to ensure strong, healthy and colourful plants all year round.

3. Grow Your Own – Plant straight in the Grow Bag

Spring is the best time to sow seed. You can grow best from seeds during this season and for maintenance, you do not require much work and can benefit from the sporadic prune post flowering. Richgro’s Tomato & Vegetable Grow Bag has all the key ingredients to help you grow your own tomatoes and vegetables such as Cucumbers, Capsicums, Chillies, Peas and Beans, Eggplants, Herbs and Salad greens. It is ideal for small spaces and raised garden beds. Plant seeds or seedlings directly into the 25L bag and watch them thrive.

4. Plant perennials

September is a good time to plant perennials. They have about 45 days to establish themselves in the ground during the spring season. This is the best time of the year to plant them, and you will also get them at the best price.

5. Get a steel garden shed and the right tools

It will not only act as an additional storage house in your lawn, but also add more value to your property. It is the most sought-after lawn storage option in Australia.

Though it is light, it is unbelievably robust. It is extremely durable and does not require any foundation. The structure can store all your valuable items and can be laid down on any flat surface.

6. Watch out for pests

As the weather warms up, Aphids become active in the veggie patch or on the new growth of roses. Psyllids can also appear on the new growth of Lilly Pillies and need to be controlled to prevent them from spreading. Richgro’s Bug Killa can be used to keep Psyllids and Aphids at bay on your ornamental plants. For your edible plants, use Richgro Beat A Bug to keep them in check.

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