Safety Data Sheets - Richgro
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Richgro Products SDS List

All Purpose Azalea, Gardenia & Camellia Fertiliser
All Purpose Garden Complete Fertiliser
All Purpose Lawn Fertiliser – discontinued
All Purpose Rose & Citrus Fertiliser
All Purpose Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertiliser
Ant and Wasp Killa Dust
Ant Killa
Ant Killa Gel – NEW
Ant Killer Gel
Ant, Spider & Cockroach Killer Concentrate
Ant, Spider & Cockroach Killer RTU
Beat-A-Bug Natural Possum Deterrent Poss Off
Beat-A-Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray
Beat A Weed Natural Weedkiller
Bentonite Natural Sand to Soil
Black Marvel Fruit & Citrus Food Liquids
Black Marvel Garden Compost
Black Marvel Potting Mix
Black Marvel Fruit & Citrus Food
Black Marvel Rose & Flower Food
Black Marvel Rose & Flower Food Liquids
Black Marvel Tomato & Vegetable Food
Black Spot & Fungus Killa Granular Garden Fungicide – NEW
Blood and Bone Based Premium Fertiliser Plus
Bug Killa Granular Garden Insecticide
Caterpillar, Grasshopper & Millipede Killer
Cockroach Killa Gel
Complete Trace Elements – Discontinued
Cresco Fully Granulated Lawn Fertiliser (WA only)
Cresco Fully Granulated NPK (WA only)
Dolomite Lime – Natural Magnesium Boost
Expert Gardener Cactus & Succulent Mix
Expert Gardener Perlite
Expert Gardener Seed & Cutting Mix
Expert Gardener Vermiculite
Ezi-Wet Granulated Soil Soaker (New Formula)
Ezi-Wet Liquid Soil Soaker
EZI-WET Water Storage Crystals
Garden Lime – Natural Soil Sweetener
Gypsum Clay Breaker – Natural Soil Improver
Indoor Outdoor Surface Spray
Lawn Beetle & Grub Killa (Granular)
Lawn Beetle & Grub Killa Hose On
Lawn Feed as you Weed (Granular)
Lawn Feed & Weed (Liquid)
Magnesium Sulphate – Discontinued
Mancozeb Plus Sulphur Fungicide
Moisture Plus Blended Manure
Moisture Plus Cow Manure (discontinued)
Moisture Plus Garden Compost
Moisture Plus Garden Soil Mix (WA only)
Moisture Plus Hard Wood Mulch (NT Only)
Moisture Plus Potting Mix (discontinued)
Moisture Plus Sheep Manure
Moisture Plus Water Saving Mulch
All Purpose Mushroom Compost
Natural Hard Wood Mulch
Natural Pinebark Mulch
Naturally Based Fruit Fly Spray Concentrate
Organic Chicken Manure (WA only)
Organic Cow Manure (WA only)
Organic Sheep Manure (WA only)
Organics Fruit & Citrus Plant Food
Organics Garden Complete Plant Food
Organics Garden Complete Plant Food
Organics Native & Protea Plant Food
Organics Nitrogen Growth Booster
Organics Palm & Fern Plant Food
Organics Phosphorus Root Health Booster
Organics Rose & Flower Plant Food
Organics Vegetable & Tomato Plant Food
Plus Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser
Plus Garden Complete Fertiliser
Plus Rose, Azalea & Camellia Fertiliser
Plus Tomato & Vegetable Fertiliser
Premium Potting Mix (discontinued)
PRO MIX Indoor Premium Potting Mix – NEW (WA & SA only)
PRO MIX Native Potting & Planting Mix – NEW (WA & SA only)
PRO MIX Soil Improver – NEW (WA & SA only)
Richgro Potting Mixture
Rock Mineral Fertiliser & Soil Improver
PRO-MIX Seaweed Premium Potting Mix
Slater and Millipede Killa
Soft Washed Play Sand
Sulphate of Ammonia – Fast Lawn Greener
Sulphate of Potash – Fruit & Flower Booster
Super Phosphate – Root Booster (N/A WA)
Termite & Ant Killer Concentrate
Tomato & Vegetable Planting Mix Grow Bag
Tree & Blackberry & Woody Weedkiller
Urea – Soluble Lawn & Leaf Greener
Winter Vegetable Grow Bag