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  • Two exciting additions to the results-driven Richgro range
  • Australian’s first Grow Bag
  • Latest addition to the premium Black Marvel liquid fertiliser range – Tomato and Vegetable Food

As more Australians embrace the ’grow your own’ movement, Richgro is launching two new products in time for spring. Renowned for premium horticultural products that deliver results, Richgro’s latest releases will help novice and professional gardeners alike reap bountiful tomato and veggie harvests.

In a first for the Australian market, a veggie patch in a bag can be a reality with the launch of the Richgro Tomato and Vegetable Planting Mix Grow Bag. The premium planting mix – with red tick certification – contains the foundations for a compact, easy-care veggie garden.

Ideal for apartment dwellers, small spaces, and raised garden beds, the Richgro Grow Bag provides the ideal growing medium for tomatoes and vegetables such as cucumbers, capsicums, chillies, peas and beans, eggplants, herbs and salad greens. Plant seeds or seedlings directly into the 25L bag and watch them thrive.

Rich in trace elements, with added soil wetter, the mix of slow release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is perfectly balanced for rapid and healthy vegetable development, while the enriched seaweed formulation provides sustained fertilisation for approximately two-months to encourage bountiful growth.

Also launching in time for spring gardening is the latest addition to Richgro’s premium fertiliser range. Richgro Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Food is a liquid fertliser scientifically formulated to deliver the perfect NPK mix (15N: 1P: 8K) for tomatoes and vegetables. High nitrogen levels result in higher yields by supporting photosynthesis, the potash promotes vigorous growth by facilitating the fruiting process and the potassium boosts plant vigour and disease resistance, while enhancing fruit colour and flavour. The balanced mix of micronutrients including fast-acting iron in the formulation keeps plants flourishing.    

Like other products in the Black Marvel range, the tomato and vegetable liquid fertiliser has been rigorously tested at Richgro’s on-site laboratory to deliver reliable results for gardeners. Suitable for all vegetables, the new liquid formulation is absorbed through the leaves and roots, delivering a fast-acting dose of essential nutrients

Available in a 1L concentrate, Richgro Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Food makes up to 450 litres, with the suggested application of once every 1 to 2 weeks throughout the growing season.

“Richgro’s newest additions to the tomato and vegetable range offer something for gardeners at all levels,” said Charlie Albone, Richgro’s Brand Ambassador.

“For those new to veggie growing the Richgro Grow Bag offers an entrée into the grow your own movement by providing everything you need for your tomatoes and vegetables to flourish in one bag – just add your choice of fruit, vegetables or herbs. With this grow bag, you don’t need an entire veggie patch to get a taste for grow your own, just a large pot, raised garden bed or planter box and you’re on your way to delicious and nutritious home-grown tomatoes and veg.

“The options are endless with the Grow Bag, personally I like to use two of the bags, one for growing herbs and the other for growing veggies. It’s also a great way to get the kids involved – they can grow and nurture their own patch and be rewarded with their own-grown fruit and vegetables!

“Experienced growers will love the new Richgro Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Food, with its perfect mix of nutrients to support abundant crops. More than a standard liquid fertiliser, it has been scientifically formulated and rigorously tested to deliver the results keen gardeners will appreciate.”


Available exclusively from Bunnings from 24 August, Richgro Grow Bag is, for now, only available while stocks last. Priced at $10.98, the 25L bags are also made from 50% recycled material.

Richgro Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Food is exclusive to Bunnings stores. The 1L concentrate is priced at $12.98.


For more information, or garden tips follow the brand on social media via @richgrogarden.You can also download Richgro’s new garden app from the app store or on google play! To share your own veggie garden successes, make sure you include the #projectgrowyourown hashtag so we can see your results!

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