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28th February 2019

Autumn 2019 will see the launch of Richgro Organics, a fully certified, 100% organic line of fertilisers formulated to meet the needs of Aussie gardeners.

Having reformulated its popular Mega-Booster range, Richgro is making it easier than ever for environmentally conscious gardeners to nurture their veggie patches, lawns and garden beds effectively.

With the Australian Certified Organic bud logo prominently displayed on new cream coloured packaging, gardeners can be confident that Richgro Organics products have been independently verified as being free from synthetic boosters and will be kind to the biodiversity of their gardens.

The nine-strong range includes fertiliser varieties designed to provide the right nutrients and improve soil quality for a range of common plant types, garden styles and to tackle specific mineral deficiencies.

Specialist Richgro Organics formulations available from March 2019 include:
• Vegetable and Tomato Plant Food
• Fruit and Citrus Plant Food
• Native and Protea Plant Food
• Palm and Fern Plant Food
• Rose and Flower Plant Food
• Garden Complete Plant Food – a solid all-rounder
• Nitrogen Growth Booster – for richer greens
• Potash Fruit & Flower Booster – to improve yields of flowering and fruiting varieties
• Phosphorous Root Health Booster – for quicker growth

While organic isn’t a new trend, it’s certainly been gaining momentum in recent years. Some 8 million Australian households purchase organic products each year now, with a total market growth of around 88% since 2012. Sales of organic food and drink items lead the way (Australian Organic Market Report 2018).

The fact that gardeners would also be embracing more organic products to use at home, particularly those growing their own produce, was something that made sense to Richgro Managing Director Geoff Richards.

“We’ve been producing organic fertilisers for about 50 years now and, while demand has been steady, we’ve definitely noticed increased interest in people looking at how they might be able to get a bumper crop without having to rely on chemicals that might damage the delicate biodiversity of their soil, or leach into their food,” he said.

“We’re proud to be able to offer the most extensive range of organic fertilisers – and hope to be able to bring even more organic options to the market in coming years,” he added.

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