Tomato & Vegetable Planting Mix GROW BAG

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Available In: 25L

Product Description

Growing your own food is in the bag with Richgro’s NEW GROW BAG!

“I was ecstatic when I found out Richgro were bringing out a grow bag – It’s a product I’ve used in the UK and I always wondered why nobody used them in Australia. Well what is a grow bag?  Simply it’s a bag filled with the perfect potting mix and additives for you to grow herb and veggies in – the bonus is you use the bag as a pot so it can be used in the smallest of spaces, including balcony gardens.” Charlie Albone, TV gardening expert and Richgro Brand Ambassador.

NEW Tomato & Vegetable Planting Mix GROW BAG has all the key ingredients to help you grow your own tomatoes and vegetables such as cucumbers, capsicums, chillies, peas and beans, eggplants, herbs and salad greens. It is ideal for small spaces and raised garden beds. Plant seeds or seedlings directly into the 25L bag and watch them thrive.

Easy to grow - just plant straight in the bag!


  • 2 months feed & seaweed boost
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Also for pots and raised gardens
  • Premium certified Australian Standard mix
  • Can be used as a potting mix

Exclusive to Bunnings*.
*Please check on availability at your local Bunnings store.