Black Marvel Fruit & Citrus Food Liquids

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Available In: 1L Concentrate. 2L Hose on

RICHGRO BLACK MARVEL FRUIT AND CITRUS FOOD is absorbed through the leaves and roots to produce rapid results. High in Potash to produce plentiful fruit plus added Iron & Trace Elements for rich green leaves and overall plant health.



  • Balanced high nitrogen feed for healthier plants
  • Potassium boost for bigger, tastier fruit
  • Fast acting, rapidly absorbed high tech iron for deep green leaves


Concentrate: 14N:1P:8K.
RTU: 4N:1P:2K.

The Black Marvel Liquids are exclusive to Bunnings.

How to Use


Plant: Established Fruit and Citrus
Application Rate: 90ml (41/2 capfuls) per 9 Litres
Frequency: Every 1-2 weeks during the growing season.

Plant: New plants and as foliar application
Application Rate: 20ml (1 capful) per 9 Litres
Frequency: At planting, then two weeks. Weekly as foliar application.

Plant: Potted Plants
Application Rate: 60ml (3 capfuls) per 9 Litres
Frequency: Every week during the growing season.


Plants: Established Fruit & Citrus / New Plants / Potted Flowers
Application: Spray evenly across leaves until runoff and soil is visibly wet.
Frequency: Use every 1-2 weeks during the growing  season.