Seasol Potting Mix

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Available In: 25L and 30L

Product Description

Richgro Seasol Potting Mix has been formulated with the garden enthusiast in mind with added Seasol, added controlled release fertiliser, added soil wetter and trace elements.

Extensive trials have shown that the addition of Seasol in a potting mixture at point of manufacture improves plant growth, colour and improves resistance to transplant shock. Seasol is a totally organic Australian manufactured product that is well known for its ability to stimulate root systems, improve the number and colour of blooms, reduce the effects of insect and fungal disease and assists plants to cope with adverse weather conditions such as drought and frost.


  • Premium Australian Standard certified mix
  • With added Seasol plant tonic
  • With added 6 months controlled release fertiliser
  • With added EZI-WET
  • With added trace elements
  • For all plant types