Charlie Carp FishWorks For Gardens

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Available In: 5kg

Product Description

Charlie Carp FishWorks™ FOR GARDENS is a Slow Release Fish Fertiliser that feeds your plants gradually, improving the soil structure and moisture retention. It encourages earthworms activity and is suitable for all plants, lawns and shrubs. Made from whole European Carp, Charlie Carp FishWorks™ FOR GARDENS is rich in protein so it can act quickly by providing macro and micro nutrients directly to your garden. The pellets contain natural oil from the fish which helps deter garden pests.


  • Slow release fish fertiliser
  • No odour pellets
  • Promotes growth, soil health and fertility
  • 5kg covers up to 100 square metres

Charlie Carp is the only fertiliser dedicated to helping the environment by saving Australian rivers and lakes from European Carp. Fewer Carp, Healthy Garden Growth, that’s Charlie Carp.




This product is exclusive to Bunnings.