Tree & Blackberry & Woody Weedkiller

The most concentrated on the market and for the effective control of tough woody weeds.

Available in: 250 ml


  • Gets rid of tough woody weeds
  • For the home garden, parks, golf courses, factories, and other similar situations



Active = 60g/L Triclopyr

SITUATION: Home garden, parks, Golf courses, factories, and other similar situations WEED CONTROLLED: Blackberry

MIXING RATE: 200mL per 12 Litres of water

HOW TO APPLY: Spray leaves and stems thoroughly.  Use late spring to early autumn when bushes are growing actively.  One application is satisfactory but subsequent re-growth and seedlings should be sprayed later after hardening off. TAS only. DO NOT spray bushes carrying mature/ near mature fruit. In Tasmania, best results can be expected in autumn after the fruit fall.

SITUATION::  Home garden, parks, Golf courses, factories, and other similar situations WEED CONTROLLED: Woody Weeds including Eucalyptus, Wattle seedings & suckers. Groundsel Bush, Australian blackthorn

MIXING RATE: 200mL in 1.1 litres of kerosene or diesoline.

HOW TO APPLY: For plants up to 5cm base diameter. Spray or paint the stems from ground level to 30cm height. Drilling holes (2cm) or axe wounding trees or stumps helps penetration. Wet well and evenly around each stem.

HOW TO PREPARE: Mix at above recommended rate. Use all mixed spray and wash sprayer thoroughly after use.

WHAT NOT TO DO: DO NOT use under extreme dry conditions as considerable regrowth may occur. DO NOT use near susceptible plants during hot weather. DO NOT allow chemical container or spray to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds. DO NOT allow spray to contact or drift onto other plants you do not want killed. DO NOT store with seeds, fertilisers or other pesticides. DO NOT burn off, cut or clear for 6 months after treatment.

Please refer to the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for information on how to safely use this product.

It doesn’t mix well with kerosene. Can a wetting agent be added? 
Kerosene is not meant to dissolve the weedkiller, rather turn it into an emulsion, which in turn will assist with application. This emulsion will enable the user to paint the stem and will hold the weedkiller chemical longer on the stem of the plant.

To get rid of vigorous wisteria, is it better to mix the product with kerosene or water? 
Either will kill the plant. Using kerosene or diesel will have a quicker effect.

Instructions say for Blackberry to mix 200ml/12L of water and for Woody Weeds 200ml/1.1L of Kerosene or Diesel, is this correct?
Woody weeds are harder to kill, therefore a stronger mix is required.

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Tree, Blackberry & Woody Weedkiller