Termite & Ant Killer Concentrate

Termite & Ant Killer Concentrate

Controls Ants, Termites, Spiders and Cockroaches and other household insect pests in and around the home.

Available in: 500 ml

This product is exclusive to Bunnings.


  • 500mL makes up to 10L of spray



100g/L PERMETHRIN 25:75



Situation: Pole treatment, eg transmission poles, fence posts and palings.
Pests: Subterranean termites including Coptotermes sp. – in all States south of the Tropic of Capricorn, except Tasmania.
Mixing Rate: 500mL in 10L of process oil.
How to Apply: Excavate 30 cm around pole to a depth of 30-40 cm. Apply 5L of mixture to the pole and the base of the trench. Apply the remaining 5L to the soil backfilled into the trench.
Note: For existing poles and posts, it is impractical to treat the full depth and underneath of such poles and posts and termite damage can occur below the treated area.

Situation: Household situations.
Pests: Ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, silverfish, bedbugs and carpet pests.
Mixing Rate: 250mL in 10L of light oil or water.
How to Apply: All dilutions should be applied to the point of run-off, using 5L of prepared spray per 100 to 150 m2, depending on the porosity of the sprayed material. Porous surfaces such as brick, cement, ceramic (unglazed) etc absorb the spray, and hence more spray is needed to deliver the required surface deposit. Spray into cracks, crevices and other insect harbourages.

Situation: Repellent treatment of fabric (excluding clothing) and mosquito nets.
(i) Nylon.
(ii) Cotton and cotton blends.
Pests: Mosquitoes, biting flies.
Mixing Rate:
(i) 75mL in 500mL of water.
(ii) 75mL in 2L of water.
How to Apply: The dilution rate depends on the water uptake of the material. Dip thoroughly for two minutes. Drain, then dry, preferably laid flat on a non-absorbent surface. Nets should not be hung up to drain. Mix solution in a bucket and not the laundry tub. Unused solution must not be disposed of down any drain or waterway but may be poured around a building or garden. It will act as an insecticide and will biodegrade. Wash bucket after use and dispose of any used mixing utensils by wrapping in a bag or paper and place in rubbish bin.


Chemical-based products need to be used with caution. Do not allow pets in areas where product could be consumed.

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