Super Phosphate – Root Booster (N/A WA)

Super Phosphate – Root Booster (N/A WA)

Richgro Superphosphate is a fertiliser rich in phosphorous that promotes healthy and vigourous root systems in all plants. It encourages successful germination of seeds and early establishment of seedlings. It assists in the development of healthy fruit and the growth of leguminous vegetables such as peas, beans and lupins. (Product N/A in WA)

Available in: 5 Kg


  • Healthy roots
  • Vigorous growth
  • Plants, fruit and vegies




How much to use:

General use: Apply at the rate of 50g per square metre.

Established trees: Apply in early Spring at the rate of 50g per square metre.

Note – One adult handful equals approximately 50g.

Caution-Avoid use of Richgro Super Phosphate on or around Australian Native Plants.

How to apply:

General use: Ensure the surface is already damp. Spread evenly over the surface, across the root area of the tree, but not closer than 20cm to the trunk. Rake in lightly and water in well.

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Note: Guide only. Refer to pack for usage rates.