Sulphate of Ammonia – Fast Lawn Greener

Sulphate of Ammonia – Fast Lawn Greener

Richgro Sulphate of Ammonia is a fertiliser rich in nitrogen, that stimulates and promotes leaf growth in all plants, especially leaf crop vegetables. Very effective in greening up lawns.

Available in: 5 Kg


  • Greens lawns fast
  • Lowers soil pH
  • Strong leafy vegetables




General use and lawns: – Apply 45g per square metre.

Vegetables: – Apply 45g per square metre. Repeat application every 3 weeks.

Fruit trees: – Apply 200gm for each year of the tree’s growth up to 2kg. (eg. 5 year old tree, apply 1kg). Apply twice per year, once in early Spring and again in early Summer.

Note – One adult handful equals approximately 50g.

How to apply:

Ensure the surface is already damp. Spread evenly over the surface and rake in lightly. Water in well immediately.

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Note: Guide only. Refer to pack for usage rates.