Rock Mineral Fertiliser & Soil Improver

RICHGRO ROCK MINERAL FERTILISER AND SOIL IMPROVER is a natural slow release non leaching fertiliser which stimulates microbial activity essential to soil and plant health and vitality. It releases trace elements to create strong healthy plants that are better guarded against plant diseases. It contains Australian volcanic mineral and rock phosphorus to achieve natural, organic growth.

Available in: 5 Kg


  • Organic boost – beneficial microbes
  • Slow release – 3 months feed
  • Non leaching
  • Soil and plant booster




ROSES & ORNAMENTALS: Sprinkle 125g per square metre of garden bed every 8-12 weeks as required.

FRUIT TREES: 250g per year age of tree up to 4kg.

1st year – split into several smaller applications.

2nd year – split into early and mid-season applications.

VEGETABLES: Sprinkle 125-175g per square metre of garden bed every 6-8 weeks as required.

NATIVES: 50g per square metre September, November, January, March or as required.