PRO MIX Indoor Premium Potting Mix – NEW (WA & SA only)

PRO MIX Indoor Premium Potting Mix – NEW (WA & SA only)

RICHGRO PRO MIX INDOOR Premium Potting Mix is a premium blend of materials suitable for the healthy growth of a wide variety of indoor plants.

The mix contains Perlite which improves drainage and aeration. It also has a rich mix of organic ingredients which helps plant growth and retains the right amount of moisture. This combination creates a lightweight product perfectly suited to indoor plants. RICHGRO PRO MIX INDOOR Premium Potting Mix also includes a controlled release fertiliser to feed your plants for up to 6 months.

The formula of RICHGRO PRO MIX INDOOR Premium Potting Mix has been developed after extensive trialling and research by our Quality Endorsed laboratory and complies with AS3743 for a premium grade potting mixture.


Available in: 15L


  • Premium Australian Standard certified mix
  • Ideal Indoor mix – retains nutrients
  • With added 6 months feed
  • Contains Perlite – better aeration
  • With added trace elements


1. Set up an area suitable to work in. This may be on a flat bench at waist level to minimise strain on your back and legs. Ideally, an area that is ventilated, roomy and well lit will make your job easier.

2. Choose a suitable container/pot before you decide to re-pot. This will help you calculate how much potting mix you will need.

3. Tap the container gently around the edges to help loosen the plant. Spreading your fingers around the stem and turning the plant upside down should see the plant come loose from the pot. Slide off the pot and place the plant on the bench.

4. Inspect the plant for any abnormalities or pest/disease attacks. Remove any unnecessary root growth especially those that wind around the plant. Tease out the root ball to aerate this area around the roots.

5. Before filling your new pot/container ensure it has a drainage hole/s. If these holes are large, it may be an idea to cover these with mesh to prevent the potting mix from falling through.

6. Backfill the container with fresh potting mix to approximately one third full. Centre your plant into the container and if need be add more mix to bring the base of the plant stem in line with the lip of the container.

7. Press down firmly around the plant and if required top up with more mix being careful, however, to avoid overfilling the pot.

8. Water in well. This helps remove any air pockets and also helps the plant recover from the stress of re-potting.