Plus Rose, Azalea & Camellia Fertiliser

A premium quality blend that encourages colourful, healthy blooms and strong plant growth in roses and other flowering shrubs.

Available in: 2.5 Kg, 5 Kg


  • Plus trace elements
  • Plus soil wetter
  • High NPK analysis




Planting in the garden: Dig a hole about twice as wide and deep as the root ball of the plant. Mix about one part RICHGRO ROSE MARVEL soil conditioner with 3 parts garden soil and use the mix to fill the hole around the plant pressing down firmly.

Note: Place sufficient mix in the bottom of the hole to bring the top of the root ball level with the top of the hole. WATER IN WELL.

Planting in tubs: Roses will grow well in tubs on a patio. For planting use RICHGRO PRO-MIX WITH SEASOL for great results and water in well.

Bare rooted roses are very sensitive to salinity and should be started in RICHGRO ORGANIC SOIL MIX and then fertilised at about 10g/square metre until growth is established.

Established bushes: Apply RICHGRO ROSE FERTILISER PLUS at a rate of 50g per square metre. Apply early spring (Aug/Sept), mid-summer (Nov/Dec) and autumn (Feb/March).  Avoid spreading closer than 10cm to base of plants. WATER IN WELL washing off any granules which may have lodged on plant foliage. A light dressing (10g per square metre) of RICHGRO IRON SULPHATE mid spring (Oct/Nov) helps produce healthy blooms.

Established roses in tubs: Apply 0.5g for each 2cm of tub diameter eg. for a 20cm pot apply 5g of fertiliser. Spread evenly over the surface and water in well.

How does using low phosphate fertilisers help the environment?
Phosphate is an important element of plant health but if used excessively can be leached into our waterways creating environmental issues such as algal blooms, mal odours, and fish deaths.