Organics Potash Fruit & Flower Booster

Organics Potash Fruit & Flower Booster

A fertiliser high in Potassium that will quickly boost the growth of quality fruit and colourful flowers. It will also make your plants stronger and help them resist fungus attack.

Ideal for use in any garden including organic gardens.

Available in: 2.5 Kg


  • Certified organic
  • Fast Acting
  • For extra colour in flowers
  • For extra taste in fruit and vegies




This granular formula is easy to spread and provides a slow release of Potassium. It is ideal for use on pot plants, gardens and lawns that require a boost of Potassium.
Ensure the surface is already damp. Spread evenly over the surface and rake into approximately 5cm of soil. WATER IN WELL immediately after spreading.
Apply at the rate of 10g per square metre

Requirements Calculator

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Note: Guide only. Refer to pack for usage rates.