Organics Nitrogen Growth Booster

Organics Nitrogen Growth Booster

A fertiliser high in Nitrogen that will quickly increase plants’ yield and add lots of leafy green growth.
It is formulated from Blood and Feather Meal which is a natural way to boost all-important nitrogen levels in the soil. It is a great fertiliser for nitrogen hungry greens like lettuce, brussels sprouts, courgette, marrow, kale and other fast growing seasonal green vegetables.

Available in: 2.5 Kg


  • Certified organic
  • Fast acting
  • Ideal for lettuce and leafy vegetables




Gardens: No more than 100g per square metre during growing season. Lasts up to 4 months!
As it is a fast acting organic feed, care should be taken not to apply too much, especially in warm moist conditions. Water in well after application.
With composts and soil conditioners: This product can be used to effectively balance carbons in the compost heap or when digging fresh organic matter into the ground.

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