Naturally Based Fruit Fly Spray Concentrate

Naturally Based Fruit Fly Spray Concentrate

Richgro Naturally Based Fruit Fly Spray Concentrate is formulated to control and repel fruit fly on all fruit trees. Because it is formulated using naturally based ingredients, Garlic and Pyrethrum, it is safe for use up to one day before harvest..

Richgro Naturally Based Fruit Fly Spray also includes natural plant oil which helps to extend the repelling properties of this product in adverse weather conditions

Available in: 500 ml


  • Natural Garlic & Pyrethrum
  • Natural fish oil
  • Controls and repels
  • Use up to 1 day before harvest
  • Extensively trialled
  • Economical – 500ml makes 20 Litres
  • Kills Mediterranean and QLD Fruit Fly
  • Can be sprayed on fruit & trees




Crop: Fruit trees

Pest: Fruit Fly


Normal rate: mix 25 mL per litre of water.

High rate: mix 50 mL per litre of water*

Spray fruit trees, particularly the fruit, thoroughly.

How to apply:

Starting 4 weeks before harvest. Repeat once a week.

*Use the higher rate if pest pressure is moderate to high.

For mature fruit trees, use about 2 litres of spray per tree.

For highly susceptible varieties (e.g. apricots or figs) or in high pressure situations, use this product in conjunction with other control measures such as baiting, traps and good hygiene.
Regularly monitor for stings and fruit fly activity and reduce spray interval if required.

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