Magnesium Sulphate – Discontinued

Magnesium Sulphate – Discontinued

This product has been discontinued.

Richgro Magnesium Sulphate is essential for photosynthesis and development of chlorophyll. A lack of magnesium causes yellowing of edges and tips of the older leaves. Unless corrected, this can lead to premature defoliation.

Available in: 500 g


  • Encourages rich green leaves on plants, vegetables and fruit trees
  • Corrects yellowing of leaves’ edges and tips


Fruit Trees and Large Shrubs:

Apply at a rate of 20g per square metre. Spread evenly to the drip line of the tree/shrub. Avoid spreading closer than 10cm to the base of plants. Water in well washing off any granules which may have lodged on plant foliage. For a quick result, dissolve 10g of Richgro Magnesium Sulphate in 1 litre of water and spray over the leaves.

For Garden Beds:

Dissolve 10g of Richgro Magnesium Sulphate in a litre of water and apply at a rate of 1 litre per square metre of garden bed.


Using a watering can or similar vessel, water the plant as normal. If applying to a larger area, apply at the rate of only 1 litre per five square metres.

Hint – For severe Magnesium deficiency, apply Richgro Magnesium Sulphate monthly.

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Note: Guide only. Refer to pack for usage rates.