Indoor Outdoor Surface Spray

Indoor Outdoor Surface Spray

Kills and repels household pests by forming a barrier around the home. For spiders, Papernest wasps,Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, ticks (excluding paralysis ticks), Flies and mosquitoes.

Available in: 2L RTU, 3 L

3L is exclusive to Bunnings.


  • For up to 9 months protection in certain situations
  • Wide range application
  • For indoor and outdoor use




RATE: 3 litres covers approximately 60 m2.

HOW TO USE: The product is ready to use. No dilution or mixing is required. Shake well before use. For complete home protection, perimeter treatment is advised. Apply to a band of soil or vegetation 2-3 metres wide around and adjacent to the home. If the treated band is disturbed, a new application should be made to maintain the barrier. Also spray under eaves, around window frames, behind down pipes and guttering, around sheds and all other insect infested areas outside the home. Spray areas thoroughly holding the remote trigger about 20-25 cm from the surface. Adjust the remote nozzle to suit your needs. Spray evenly and to near the point of run-off. Residual control will be achieved on non-absorbent surfaces (timber, fibre cement, ceramic, aluminium). Residual control on absorbent surfaces (bricks and concrete) will be noticeably shorter. After use, place original cap back on the container.

SITUATION:  All internal and external areas and surrounds of domestic buildings and structures around the perimeter of the home.

PESTS: Spiders
HOW TO APPLY: Spray directly onto spiders or where webs are present.  For longer lasting protection, spray under floors eaves, around windows, protected darkened areas and inside cracks and crevices.  Repeat when spiders begin to reappear.

PESTS: Papernest wasps
HOW TO APPLY: Spray nests directly and to the point of run-off.  When all adult wasps have been knocked down, remove the nest from the structure.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply to trails and nests, around garbage bins and point of entry.  Repeat as necessary.

PESTS: Cockroaches
HOW TO APPLY: Outdoors: Spray all points of entry including air vents, window frames, cracks, crevices and door jambs. Indoors: Spray behind and under sinks, stoves, refrigerators, furniture, pipes, cornices, skirting boards and other known hiding or resting places.

PESTS: Fleas, ticks (excluding paralysis ticks)
HOW TO APPLY: Spray outside surfaces of buildings and surrounds including but not limited to foundations, verandahs, window frames, eaves, patios, garages, dog kennels, soil, turf, trunks of woody ornamentals or other areas where pests congregate or have been seen.  For best results, perimeter treatment is advised – apply as indicated above.

PESTS: Flies and mosquitoes
HOW TO APPLY: Apply as a residual treatment to surfaces where insects rest or harbour such as window sills, door jambs, and fly screens.  Reapply as necessary.

Chemical-based products need to be used with caution. Do not allow pets in areas where product could be consumed.

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Note: Guide only. Refer to pack for usage rates.

Will it stain walls and flooring?

These products should not stain or harm your walls or flooring however we recommend testing the product on area to be treated first.


How long after I sprayed can I allow my pet dog/cat to roam?

The general rule is that while spraying you keep pets in another room or outside to play. Just give the product time to dry before letting your cats and dogs roam through the treated areas (on the more cautious side 2-3 hours). If inside treatment ventilate the house/room well while drying.