Expert Gardener Vermiculite

Ideal for – potting mixes, seed raising mixes and transplanting mixes. It is also an ideal hydroponic medium. Absorbs nutrients and releases them to plant roots, retains moisture near to roots and insulates against fluctuations in surface temperature.

Available in: 5 L


  • Absorbs nutrients
  • Retains moisture
  • Maintains soil temperature in mixes

Seed Raising: For quick germinating seeds use 100% Vermiculite. For slow germinating seeds mix 1 part Richgro Vermiculite, 1 part Richgro Cocopeat and 1 part Richgro PRO MIX.

Transplanting Mix: Mix 1 part Richgro Vermiculite, 4 parts Richgro Coco-peat and 1 part Richgro PRO MIX.

Potting Mix: For hanging baskets – mix 2 parts Richgro Vermiculite, 1 part Richgro Coco Peat and 1 part Richgro Pro Mix.

Note: To ensure mix does not become water repellent, apply Richgro EZI-WET Soil Wetter at time of planting.