Complete Trace Elements – Discontinued

Complete Trace Elements – Discontinued

This product has been discontinued.

A balanced mix of essential trace elements required by plants to maintain vigorous and healthy growth. Trace element deficiency in plants shows in such things as yellowing, curled or discoloured leaves, poor overall stem and root development, patchy flowers or fruit.

Available in: 500 g


  • Corrects yellow curled discoloured leaves
  • Improves stem and root development
  • Promotes healthy flowers, fruit and vegetables

How much to use
For general garden beds- Apply 10g per square metre and water in well. For shrubs and trees- apply at a rate of 10g per square metre. Spread evenly to the drip line of the shrub/tree. Avoid spreading closer than 10cm to the base of the bush. Water in well.

How much to apply
Spread evenly over the surface and water in well immediately. Apply once every 12 months or if plant quality doesn’t improve, an application every 2-3 months may be necessary.

Requirements Calculator

how much do I need?

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Note: Guide only. Refer to pack for usage rates.