Caterpillar, Grasshopper & Millipede Killer

Caterpillar, Grasshopper & Millipede Killer

Richgro Caterpillar, Grasshopper & Millipede Killer is highly effective in the control of caterpillars, grasshoppers, millipedes and various other insect pests in the home garden.

Available in: 250 ml


  • Insecticide for use on ornamentals, non-crop and turf



Active = 100g/L CARBARYL (an anticholinesterase compound)

What not to do: DO NOT apply to food producing plants.  DO NOT apply when rain expected within 24 hours.  DO NOT mix with Lime Sulfur or Bordeaux Mixture.

When and how to apply:

Plants: Non-Crop Pests: European Earwigs, Portugueses Millipedes Rate: Add 20mL to 2L of water How to apply: Spray all infected areas thoroughly.

Plants: Ornamentals Pests: Caterpillars, Cutworm, Harlequin Bugs, Leafrollers, Leafhoppers, Lacebugs, Pumpkin Beetle (Not TAS), Rutherglen Bugs, Wingless Grasshoppers (Not NSW). Rate: Add 20mL to 2L of water How to apply: Spray insects when first seen and repeat as required.

Plants: Turf Pests: Blackheaded Cockchafer. Rate:Add 50mL to 2L of water How to apply: Apply 8 Litres of spray over 50 square metres.

How to use: Shake bottle before opening or using. DO NOT mix more than is needed. Apply at recommended rate. Use all mixed spray. Spray foliage thoroughly with minimum run off. Wash sprayer thoroughly after use.

Chemical-based products need to be used with caution. Do not allow pets in areas where product could be consumed.


Please refer to the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for information on how to safely use this product.

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