Black Marvel Tomato & Vegetable Food

Black Marvel Tomato & Vegetable Food

NEW RICHGRO BLACK MARVEL TOMATO & VEGETABLE FOOD is rapidly absorbed through the leaves and roots, delivering a fast-acting dose of essential nutrients for amazing results. High in Potash to produce plentiful vegetables plus added iron and trace elements for rich green leaves and overall plant health.

Available in: 1 L Concentrate


  • Balanced high nitrogen feed for healthier plants
  • Potassium boost for bigger, more tasty vegetables
  • Fast acting, rapidly absorbed high tech iron for deep green leaves
  • Suitable for all vegetables
  • Makes up to 450L



Concentrate: 15N:1P:8K.


Shake bottle well. Always dilute with water before use. Soak the soil until visibly wet. Use lower rate 20ml per 9L for foliar application.
The measure cap holds 20mL.

Established tomatoes and vegetables: 90ml (41/2 capfuls) per 9 Litres. Every 1-2 weeks during the growing season.

New plants and as foliar application: 20ml (1 capful) per 9 Litres. At planting, then two weeks. Weekly as foliar application.

Potted Plants: 60 ml (3 capfuls) per 9 Litres.Every week during the growing season.

This 1 Litre concentrate makes up to 450 Litres of ready to use plant food (at 20ml per 9L).

REFILL FOR A 2L HOSE ON BOTTLE: Add 500ml of BLACK MARVEL Concentrate into the 2 litre hose on pack and top up with 1.5 litres of water.

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