Black Marvel Potting Mix

RICHGRO BLACK MARVEL Potting Mix is a premium mix that will deliver amazing results FAST! It is HIGH IN POTASH which ensures lots of colourful, healthy blooms as well as plentiful vegetables and fruit. ADDED IRON promotes deep green leaves, strong roots and healthy growth.

This potting mix has been developed after extensive trialling and research by our Quality Endorsed laboratory and complies with AS3743 for a premium grade potting mixture.

Available in: 25 L

This product is exclusive to Bunnings.


  • High in Potash – juicier fruit and quality flowers
  • Added Iron – healthy root growth and deep green leaves
  • 6 months feed – feeds plants as they need it
  • Soil Wetter – effective for up to 6 months

This mix is ready to use straight from the bag – no further additives are required.

  1. Loosen the plant out of current container. Slide off the pot and place the plant on the bench.
  2. Before filling your new pot/container ensure it has a drainage hole/s. If these holes are large, it may be an idea to cover these with mesh to prevent the potting mix from falling through.
  3. Backfill with fresh potting mix to approximately one third full. Centre your plant into the container and if need be add more mix to bring the base of the plant stem in line with the lip of the container.
  4. Water in well. This helps remove any air pockets and also helps the plant recover from the stress of re-potting.

Requirements Calculator

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For your Pots, Garden or Lawn, enter the dimensions of the area or pot size and hit Calculate.

Note: Guide only. Refer to pack for usage rates.

  1. Whilst this Potting Mix contains a controlled release fertiliser, it is a good idea to boost your mix with a liquid fertiliser after 6-8 weeks to increase plant health and yield during growing season.
  2. Watering pot plants can be difficult, as the water often runs over the edge of the pot and down between the container and soil, not getting into the plants’ roots. Add Richgro Ezi-Wet Soil Soaker to improve water penetration and allow the water to soak through. For good maintenance, apply at least twice a year at the start of Spring and at the start of Autumn.
  3. To keep away destructive pests and diseases spray with Richgro Beat-A-Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray. This will keep away aphids and give your plant a boost.