Black Marvel Garden Compost

RICHGRO BLACK MARVEL Compost is a blend of fully composted Organics that will provide your new or existing garden with a boost of natural organic nutrients to ensure strong, healthy and colourful plants all year round.

It contains RICHGRO BLACK MARVEL PREMIUM FOOD, a premium concentrated (high analysis) booster that is highly soluble and will deliver amazing results – bigger flowers, juicier fruit and better veggies, greener leaves and stronger roots.

This mix has been formulated to meet the Australian Standard AS4454 for Composts, Soil conditioners and Mulches; this ensures that the product is of consistent premium quality at all times.

Available in: 25 L

This product is exclusive to Bunnings.


  • BLACK MARVEL Premium Food – more flowers, fruit and veggies
  • Composted Organics – strong, healthy plants and improved soil
  • For all plants – all fruit, flowers & veggies
  • Boosts soil health – with nutrients and microbes

This mix is ready to use straight from the bag – no further additives are required.

Perfect for building up and improving new garden soils as well as fortifying existing garden soils and assisting with the uptake of any existing nutrients.

New gardens:
Simply mix one part compost with 3 parts existing soil and dig in well ensuring that the soil is well blended. Once you are happy that the soil is well blended, plant following the planting instructions on the plant label.

Existing Gardens:
Spread a 150mm – 200mm layer of compost over the top of your garden bed. Using a garden fork or spade, dig into the garden bed taking care not to disturb the roots of your plants more than is necessary.

Requirements Calculator

how much do I need?

For your Pots, Garden or Lawn, enter the dimensions of the area or pot size and hit Calculate.

Note: Guide only. Refer to pack for usage rates.

  1. For best results, it is recommended that, at the time of use, you apply RICHGRO EZI-WET Soil Soaker to the prepared soil. This will ensure an even distribution of nutrients and assist in reducing plant stress.
  2. For ongoing healthy growth, apply a RICHGRO BLACK MARVEL FOOD 3 months after to guarantee best results