Black Marvel Fruit & Citrus Food Liquids

RICHGRO BLACK MARVEL FRUIT AND CITRUS FOOD is absorbed through the leaves and roots to produce rapid results. High in Potash to produce plentiful fruit plus added Iron & Trace Elements for rich green leaves and overall plant health.

Available in: 1 L Concentrate, 2 L Hose On


  • Balanced high nitrogen feed for healthier plants
  • Potassium boost for bigger, tastier fruit
  • Fast acting, rapidly absorbed high tech iron for deep green leaves


Concentrate: 14N:1P:8K.
RTU: 4N:1P:2K.



Plant: Established Fruit and Citrus
Application Rate: 90ml (41/2 capfuls) per 9 Litres
Frequency: Every 1-2 weeks during the growing season.

Plant: New plants and as foliar application
Application Rate: 20ml (1 capful) per 9 Litres
Frequency: At planting, then two weeks. Weekly as foliar application.

Plant: Potted Plants
Application Rate: 60ml (3 capfuls) per 9 Litres
Frequency: Every week during the growing season.


Plants: Established Fruit & Citrus / New Plants / Potted Flowers
Application: Spray evenly across leaves until runoff and soil is visibly wet.
Frequency: Use every 1-2 weeks during the growing  season.