Ant, Spider & Cockroach Killer Concentrate

Ant, Spider & Cockroach Killer Concentrate

FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE. For the control of ants, spiders and cockroaches in and around the house and garden.

Available in: 250 ml, 500 ml


  • Wide range application
  • 250ml makes 2.5L of spray
  • For indoor and outdoor use


30g/L PERMETHRIN 25:75


Situation: Inside and outside of the home wherever pests are seen to be active.

Mixing Rate: Mix 50mL in 500mL of water.

Pests: Ants
How to Apply: Treat ant entrance points, ant tracks and other areas where ants frequent by thorough spraying. Respray according to ant activity.

Pests: Bedbugs, Carpet Beetles, Clothes Moths, Fleas, Silverfish and Spiders.
How to Apply: Direct spray at insects when seen. Spray infested carpets, floor areas and furniture. Avoid using the treated area for several hours. Spray in and around bookshelves, cupboards, wardrobes and skirting boards. Do not apply to clothing articles.

Pests: Cockroaches.
How to Apply: Spray all areas where infestation has or may occur when insects are active such as home entrances, window sills, all cracks and crevices and especially behind kitchen fittings.

Chemical-based products need to be used with caution. Do not allow pets in areas where product could be consumed.

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