Ant Killer Gel

Available in: 5 g

Kills the queen and destroys ants in the nest.


  • Non-staining,¬†odourless gel
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Low toxicity to user



  1. Locate the nest entrance, ant trails or locations where ants are most active.
  2. Remove cap from the end of the syringe and touch the nozzle to the surface. Lightly depress the plunger to squeeze out approximately 5 mm length of gel for each spot.
  3. Apply a minimum of 1 to 3 spots per m2 around the nest entrance, along ant trails or other locations where ants are most active.
  4. Replace cap after use.
  5. Re-apply when all gel spots are consumed and ant activity continues.


Chemical-based products need to be used with caution. Do not allow pets in areas where product could be consumed.

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