All Purpose Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertiliser

Richgro All Purpose Vegetable & Herb Fertiliser is a quality plant food which will improve yield and encourage the growth of healthy, quality vegetables and herbs.

It is carefully balanced and contains all the essential nutrients required for the rapid healthy development of vegetables and herbs.

Available in: 2.5 Kg

The All Purpose Brand is exclusive to Bunnings.


  • Boosts growth, quality and yield
  • Waterways safe



Most vegetables and herbs grow well in well drained soil so to get your plants off to the best possible start it is recommended to add some Richgro Manures to the prepared soil. This will create the best possible conditions for growth by improving the quality of your soil.

GROWING VEGETABLES & HERBS: For best results plants should be evenly fed during the growing season. Apply this fertiliser at the rate of 20g to 50g per square metre during early Spring (Aug/Sept), Mid-Summer (Dec/Jan) and Autumn (Mar/Apr) or as required to maintain healthy growth.

Spread evenly to the drip line of the plants. Avoid spreading closer than 10cm to the base of plants. Water in well washing off any granules that may have lodged on plant foliage.