All Purpose Lawn Fertiliser

All Purpose Lawn Fertiliser

Richgro All Purpose Lawn Fertiliser is a fast acting, phosphate free lawn fertiliser that will produce healthy, lush lawns within one week of application.

Available in: 2.5 Kg

The All Purpose Brand is exclusive to Bunnings.


  • For all lawns including Buffalo
  • Covers 100 square metres





ESTABLISHED LAWN & TURF: Apply 25g per square metre to DRY lawn or turf every six to eight weeks. For best results apply from early Spring, Summer and through to the end of Autumn.

Richgro All Purpose Lawn Fertiliser can be applied by hand or fertiliser spreader. As Richgro All Purpose Lawn Fertiliser is highly soluble and fast acting, it must be WATERED IN IMMEDIATELY AFTER APPLICATION. The granular formulation filters down to the lawns roots and quickly dissolves when watered into the soil to give the plants a slow even distribution of nutrients.

Richgro All Purpose Lawn Fertiliser is not recommended for new lawns.

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