Problem Solver: Downy Mildew - Richgro
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Downy Mildew


Downy Mildew first appears on the upper surfaces of the leaves as patches or spots. On the underside of the leaves directly below each spot, a downy or furry growth is produced.

Downy Mildew thrives in warm humid weather blowing from plant to plant. Downy Mildew will attack vegetables, ornamentals and fruit plants.


To treat Downy Mildew, use Richgro Mancozeb Plus. Apply 10 Litres spray per 10 square metres. Repeat each 10 days during disease susceptible periods.

Remove and dispose of all infected parts. Use Richgro Mancozeb on certain vegetables or Copper Fungicide & Leaf Curl Spray on ornamentals (check labels carefully for applications).