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Dollar Spot on Lawns


Dollar spot is identified as small circles of brown patch roughly the size of a dollar coin, if you look at your lawn early in the morning you will also see spider web like circles on your lawn. Dollar spot is a very common lawn disease in home garden lawns. Symptoms usually start with the appearance of small straw- coloured circular spots, which eventually grows. Its growth is known to be encouraged by long periods of leaf wetness or low nitrogen situations, so it is important to pay careful attention to watering but also keep lawns well fertilised to prevent its appearance. The disease occurs in late spring, summer and early autumn when the weather is warm and humid. Bent grass and blue couch are particularly susceptible.


To treat Dollar Spot, use Richgro Mancozeb. Apply 10 litres spray per 10 square metres. Repeat each 10 days during disease susceptible periods.