Problem Solver: Brown Patch On Lawns - Richgro
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Brown Patch on Lawns


Brown patch in lawns can be caused by one or several things. The most common reason being the lack of water penetration into the root zone of the lawn. This is usually caused by a build up of thatch in the lawn and is best treated by a de-thatching and application of a soil wetter. To see if your lawn is water repellent run the hose on the lawn for about a minute and see if the water runs off or into the lawn, if the water runs off it, treat with a good soil wetting agent like Richgro EZI-WET soil wetter.

If the water runs into the lawn, the brown patch may be caused by lawn grub or black beetle lava that eats the root system of the lawn. To prove this, run your garden hose onto the lawn until it is flooded, leave for thirty minutes or so and then see if grubs or beetles have surfaced, if so treat with Richgro Lawn Beetle and Grub Killa, for best results use with EZI-WET soil wetter as the application of a soil wetter will ensure the compounds are washed down to the root zone where the grubs and beetles are present.

If no grubs or beetles are present and the soil is not water repellent, it is possible that the lawn has dollar spot fungi, this is especially active in times of high humidity or if you water your lawn at night. Dollar spot is identified as small circles of brown patch roughly the size of a dollar coin, if you look at your lawn early in the morning you will also see spider web like circles on your lawn. To treat it, apply Richgro Mancozeb Plus as directed on the pack, you may need to apply several times as the fungi are particularly strong. Also do not water your lawn at night, change the watering cycle to mornings as this will reduce the risk of re-occurrence of dollar spot.


Treat as directed above depending on the source of the problem.