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We all know what the seeds look like: tiny brown, with a long, vicious spike. I often meet desperate garden owners in mid-summer, looking for bindii control, because their lawns are so infested with bindii seeds, that their little ones can’t play there.

Let’s take a step back: Soliva sessilis, known as bindii, or lawn burweed, is an annual weed from the daisy family. As an annual its lifecycle is like any other annual plant’s: it emerges from a previous year’s seed, grows, flowers, and produces seeds before it dies.


Trying to control it with a herbicide in summer, after it has already developed its spiky seeds, will not meet with success: the weed is already at the end of its life cycle, and the seeds are already there. A weed killer will not magically dissolve the seeds, and killing dying plants is pointless.

If your lawn had problems with bindii last summer, you will need to take action in winter or early spring, when bindii weed emerges and flowers. Bindii has small feathery leaves reminiscent of carrot foliage. If the infestation is low, spot-treating the young, emerging plants with a targeted shot of Richgro Beat-A-Weed may be all that’s needed. You can also try manual weeding, by pulling plants out by the root as they start flowering.

If last year’s bindii infestation was serious – which means lots of spiky seeds in the lawn, long term treatment with a broad leaf herbicide suitable for your lawn type may be required. Richgro Lawn Feed & Weed applied in early spring, as your lawn wakes up, provides good control of bindii. So your little ones can tumble on the lawn all summer.


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Richgro horticulturist