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Having an organic garden of your own is a fantastic idea, as it will help keep your family healthy. Caring for your small, but productive, piece of land can also turn into a very rewarding hobby. Gardening is a physical activity that requires strength and stamina, so it can be used as an alternative to gym training. It’s also very relaxing, so it gives you a chance to relieve some of the stress of busy life. Gardening has been proven to help improve mental health.

The Australian climate makes it easy to grow an organic garden because of the abundance of fertile soil and sunshine. However, one unavoidable problem every gardener faces is weeds. As you are going for an organic approach, you won’t be able to use any regular weed-killers which can contain glyphosate. Homemade solutions can work, but if you don’t get the ratio’s correct then they can often be ineffective.

What Are Weeds and How to Fight Them in an Organic Garden?

Weeds are any ‘undesirable’ plant growing wild. In essence, any species that you didn’t specifically plant on your cultivated land are considered weeds. They can infiltrate your garden as they like fertile soil as much as any other plant, but can often grow in poor soils

The danger of weeds comes from the fact that they invade your organic garden and crowd the ‘good’ plants, by sucking up all the minerals and water they need to survive. You should never ignore this matter, as the fertility of your garden will be greatly affected by weeds. In fact, you can lose your garden before it even gets the chance to grow, as weeds won’t give any other plants an opportunity to mature.

Weed seeds can come from a variety of places. Mostly, they travel with the wind, but you can also get them from pets, shoes, birds and a variety of other sources. Some un-composted organic material may have some seeds mixed in them.

So, keeping the nasty plants away from your organic garden is impossible, you need to find a way to remove them after they take hold in the soil.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Weed manually
  • Use specialised natural weedkillers

The first option whilst effective can be time consuming, and physically challenging. You also need to understand that weeds have deep and huge root systems, so eliminating them by pulling them out can be a thankless task..

The second option is the best, and today you have access to organic and natural Richgro weedkillers that will effectively remove any ‘unwanted plants’ from your land. These solutions contain naturally occurring ingredients and don’t include potentially toxic chemicals, so they can be used to promote the health of your organic garden safely.

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