Osmocote Pro – New Generation Better & Faster Growth


Osmocote® fertilisers have been used for many years with proven results by growers and councils and the latest range, Osmocote® Pro, is making it easier than ever to boost overall plant nutrition and growth of all plant species including native plants. Use now before winter to help with growth coming into spring.
• 100% coated high NPK*
• Full package trace elements
• Fixed longevity – 3 – 4 months up to 12 – 14 months.
• For pots and in ground
• Cost efficient 2nd generation
• Safe and reliable

*Also available in Low P for natives

Apply Now for Better Spring Growth!


Distributed by Richgro Landscape & Commercial
For more information contact David Miles, Sales Manager – david.miles@richgro.com.au or T: 0402 345170 

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