Organic Richgro Soil Conditioners: How and Why to Use Them

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Organic Richgro Soil Conditioners: How and Why to Use Them

Soil conditioners are products designed to improve the quality of the soils in different ways. Their main purpose is to provide nutrition to plants, so every garden will benefit from using these. They fall into the same group as fertilisers and depending on their type and content, they can be used to either transform infertile soil or rebuild one that was already fertile but has suffered in some way.

Some soil conditioners can also be used to maintain your soil in peak condition. Bear in mind that growing any plant exhausts the naturally occurring nutrients, minerals and trace elements. This means that without proper care, your garden will gradually deteriorate, as the quality of soil gets worse with every harvest. Taking a proactive stance to prevent this will ensure that you don’t have to do an expensive and difficult ‘soil rehabilitation’ program in a few years.

Of course, the mineral content in the soil replenishes itself naturally to some extent. Wise garden planning will also help as plants soak up nutrients at different rates. You can reduce the deterioration rate by redesigning your garden every year to ensure that the separate pieces of land have a chance to recover more effectively after producing a specific kind of crop. Planting techniques such as companion planting can also help with this. Unfortunately, even this method won’t offer 100% protection to your soil.

Reasons to Use Soil Conditioners in Australia

With its magnificent climate, Australia is a great place for farming and gardening. This is definitely one of the reasons why Australian produce is considered to be of the highest quality internationally. However, even this magnificent land requires soil conditioners for the following reasons:

  • Water retention.
    Australia can get a bit too hot and dry at times, so watering is always an issue. Soil conditioners help increase the water retention rate in coarse, dry soils. Organic Richgro products are particularly useful for this purpose, as organic matter is the most effective for adjusting the soil pH.
  • These products will provide your plants with a wide range of nutrients, but as their contents vary, you’ll need to research just what kind of elements your garden needs most.
  • Soil structure.
    Over time, soils become compacted, which makes it harder for roots to grow. The addition of soil conditioners improves the texture of the soil making it easier to keep it loose.

Richgro offers a wide range of soil conditioners that can be used in any organic garden in Australia. They include:

  • Organic Cow Manure
  • Organic Sheep Manure
  • Organic Mushroom Compost
  • Gypsum Clay Breaker
  • Bentonite Sand-to-Soil for particularly sandy soils.

Each option has its unique benefits, so you’ll definitely find the one that will work best with your soil.

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