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Your end of Summer gardening care by Charlie Albone

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It’s nearly the end of Summer and there are lots to do in the garden this month. February is the hottest time of the year and now is the time to give your plants that extra care to protect them from searing heat.



1. Provide shade to your plants

Flower G212Bef6Ce 1920Protect your plants by creating extra shade in the garden to help lower the temperature. Relocate pots and seedling under shady spots like shrubs or trees, and at the same time cut lower branches to make room for under-storey plantings. Build a temporary garden shade by attaching shade cloth to systems of stakes over plants in direct sun and if there are handy walls or fences, you can suspend shade cloths from them to the stakes in the garden.


2. Help plants retain moisture

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Improve your plants health by providing adequate nutrition and water. One thing that plants need in Summer is water retention as they dry out very quickly in the heat. Help your plants by adding granulated soil wetter such as Richgro Ezi-Wet to ensure that rain or irrigation gets into the soil effectively hence maximizing the uptake by plants. Your soil may not be hydrophobic, but the addition of a soil wetter prevents any build-up of bad bacteria and is a good gardening practice. It is best applied early morning or evening. It is also important to mulch bare areas especially after using a soil wetter.


3. Refresh plants and look out for bugs

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February is a month where plants can really start to suffer from diseases. Freshen up indoor and undercover plants, by wiping the dust from the leaves, remove any dead or yellow ones too.Re-pot any plants that dry out too quickly or are top heavy.

Bugs in and around the home are also very active. Use Richgro Ant, Spider & Cockroach Killer, an indoor and outdoor concentrate, around the house and fence to protect your home and garden.


4. Plan your Autumn garden

CompostNow is a good time to tidy up the garden. Preparing beds and patches now means that when Autumn planting time arrives, your garden will be ready and waiting to be at its most productive. Remove old plants, clear weeds and improve your soil with some compost or manure.


5. Lawn and turf maintenance

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Fungal disease can be a major issue for lawns at this time of the year. Regular fertilising and the application of a soil wetter will keep your lawn healthy and better able to resist attacks. Control Lawn grubs with Richgro Lawn Beetle and Grub Killa.



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