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Tips on keeping your garden healthy in Autumn by Charlie Albone

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Autumn is one of the times of the year you should be fertilising your garden. Your plants are still growing even though it’s a bit cooler. Some are repairing themselves from the heat of summer, so a boost of nutrients is just what they are after.




1. Feed your roses

Richgro Sh 170 SmallerEarly Autumn is the last chance you will get to give your Roses a feed as any new growth too close to winter will just die back and cause damage when the cold really sets in. I apply Black Marvel Rose and Flower food in granular form but also in liquid form, so that they get long lasting help from the granules and a quick boost for more instant effects from the liquid.

Applying fertiliser now to your Roses will also ensure they have plenty of stored energy over the winter for an incredible display in early Spring.


2. Apply fertiliser at the right time

Gettyimages 182149978This theory also applies to your deciduous shrubs and trees. You want to be applying fertiliser just before the leaves have turned to their Autumnal tones, so they absorb as much as possible, ready for Spring. An application of Richgro Premium Blood and Bone works well in conjunction to the Black Marvel Liquid Rose and Flower when applied to the leaves.

Fertilising now will also prep your perennial plants that you are looking at lifting and dividing in Winter. Making plants as robust as possible will only pay dividends when they get dug up, cut up and replanted.


3. Feed your Winter Vegetables

Shutterstock 104261645By now your winter veggie seedlings should be well settled in with roots out into the surrounding soil. Give them a boost with Black Marvel Tomato and Vegetable Liquid Food. Winter seedlings are putting on a lot of growth and you want to maximise size now before it all slows down in the cooler weather. So, feeding with a liquid every 10-14 days really does make a difference.

If are using a Richgro Winter Vegetable Grow Bag, you need to be feeding with Richgro Liquid Tomato and Vegetable Food too, as the nutrient in the bag will all be used up within 8 weeks. I like to plant these seedlings out in the veggie patch, incorporating the soil mix from the bag for additional soil health. I then start a new grow bag with the same seedlings so when it comes to harvest, it’s not all done at once and the crop lasts for longer.


4. Last time to feed your citrus 

Shutterstock 749526031 1 Scaled 1Now is the last time you’ll be able to feed your Citrus before Winter too. Citrus are heavy feeders and they like a lot of Nitrogen and Iron, so Richgro Black Marvel Fruit and Citrus is perfect.

Apply the Hose on or Concentrate liquid form for the best and quickest results.



5. Keep an eye out for pests

Cabbage MothMake sure you keep an eye on your seedlings especially the plants in the Brassica family such as Brussel sprouts, Cabbage, Broccoli and Cauliflower. These plants can quickly get destroyed by White Cabbage Moth so check under the leaves for dark green speckles as these are the eggs that will bring on the devastating Caterpillars. You can remove these by hand or if they have hatched, spray with Richgro Beat a Bug Natural Insect spray.


6. Don’t forget your lawn

Istock 000005171711MediumYour lawn should also be fed now with a Nitrogen rich fertiliser such as Richgro Lawn Fertiliser or Richgro Urea as this will aid in repair after the heat of summer but also boost the green colour in the lawn which will carry though to winter.

Having a healthy lawn in Winter gives you a head start in Spring too.



7. Ensure your plants get water

Soil Soaker Charlie Scaled 1At this time of year, I also apply a soil wetter such as Ezi Wet and an application of mulch too. This is a preventative measure to ensure plants get water over winter. Often, we tend to forget to water during Winter as its cooler and plants can be caused unnecessary stress. The application of soil wetter and mulch just ensures any water they do get is absorbed into the soil and held onto as effectively as possible.

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