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Six Essential Winter Gardening Tips by Charlie Albone

Charlie Image2Preparing your garden now during the cooler winter months will ensure that your garden is in optimal condition for spring. By doing so, you can expect to see a beautiful display of blooming flowers and lush greenery in the spring with less effort and maintenance.

It’s important to concentrate on the essentials. This involves taking measures to avoid weed growth, pruning any plants that require attention, and making sure to control pests on your growing winter vegetables.

By focusing on these basic steps, you can establish a strong foundation for a flourishing and beautiful garden. 


Eliminate weeds

Charlie WeedingWinter rains provide your garden with essential watering, but it also brings unwanted weeds. During winter, most weeds tend to grow rapidly. Removing them before they set seed during the cooler months is vital. Hand-weeding is the recommended method, and it’s crucial to take your time to carefully remove the entire root. To prevent them from becoming a problem, treat them while they are still small with Richgro Beat A Weed Natural Weedkiller.


Prune trees and plants

Pruning 7522188 1920Late winter is a perfect opportunity to put your secateurs to work by trimming back deciduous trees and fruit plants, as you can easily identify which parts require cutting. By making a clean cut, you can keep your plants healthy by minimizing the surface area for pathogens to enter the plant and encourage rapid regrowth in spring. It’s essential to be on the lookout for dead, diseased, or damaged stems, as well as crossing branches, and remove them promptly. 


Mulch your garden beds

Mulch RakeBefore the weather gets too cool it is important to mulch your garden beds. This way it will lock in any warmth in the soil protecting the root system and soils from winter frosts.

Mulch can also be extremely helpful during winter as it helps to stop soil from eroding due to heavy rainfall. Make sure you mulch after weeding and don’t pile it on top as this will only make your weed problem worse come spring.

Sometimes the soil can repel water if it’s been dry for some time so it’s also a good idea to use a wetting agent such as Richgro Ezi Wet Soil Soaker.


Grow your own

Carrot Companion Garden2You can still yield a good harvest in winter. Plant carrots, beetroot, cauliflower, leek, spring onion and broccoli.

Spinach and silverbeet thrive in the cooler months and become even sweeter in taste, as do herbs including thyme, rosemary, and sage. A rich and nourishing soil is essential for growing and harvesting vegetables and herbs in winter. Replenish old soil with Richgro Black Marvel Garden Compost, then rake it through to help the nutrients break down.


Prune and feed your roses

Shutterstock 107847401 WebJune is the perfect time to prune your roses as this will promote good air circulation, reduce diseases, and let in more light to the structure of the plant. Pruning now will also prepare the plant for good growth and flowering come springtime too.

Remove any dead brown wood, anything crossing or rubbing and anything thinner than a pencil that shows signs of weak growth. You are aiming for an open vase shape to the plant. After pruning, clean up the surrounding area underneath the plant and remove this out of the garden (not into your compost bin)

Feed your roses three weeks later with Richgro Black Marvel Rose and Flower Food for prolonged nutrient uptake. Once you see new shoots forming give them a hit with Richgro Black Marvel Rose and Flower Food Liquid for an instant uptake of goodness.


Control pests

Charlie Beat A BugThe colder months provide an opportunity to control pest infestations more effectively, as pests tend to move slower, and their life cycle can be interrupted more easily.

Use Richgro Beat A Bug every two weeks to naturally eliminate those pesky bugs and maintain healthy plants making sure you check the underside of the leaves as well as the top. This combination of treatment and cold temperatures will help prevent them from returning too quickly.


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