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Safeguarding Your Garden During the Summer Heat by Charlie Albone

Charlie Image2Summer’s unpredictable weather continues into February, maintaining its pattern of intense heat, either accompanied by humidity and storms or dry, hot conditions.

As we find ourselves in the peak of summer, it’s crucial to provide your plants with additional attention to safeguard them from the scorching heat.

Consistent care, including regular watering, fertilising, and maintenance, ensures that plants thrive and continue to bloom and bear fruit in the upcoming months.


Water Wisely

Watering CanWhen watering during the heat of Summer, it is best to water early morning or late evening to minimise evaporation.Water retention in Summer is vital as plants tend to dry out very quickly in the heat.

Adding a soil wetter such as Richgro Ezi-Wet will ensure that water penetrates the soil and gets right down to the roots where it is needed. Don’t forget to use Ezi-Wet on your lawns as well!



MulchIt is essential to use mulch in your garden during Summer, to insulate the soil, reduce weed growth, and retain soil moisture. Mulching will help protect your plants’ roots from extreme heat and decrease the amount of watering required.

A depth of 50-75mm is ideal and by using a natural mulch such as Richgro Pine Bark it will break down to slowly enrich the soil and help build structure especially in WA’S notoriously poor soils.



Charlie Beat A BugBe on the lookout for pests. If you have caterpillars or moths on your plants, an application of Richgro Beat-A-Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray will help keep those pests at bay.

Made of natural ingredients and suitable for use around the garden and in vegetable patches. On top of handling the insects, this spray also gives your plants a boost of natural nutrients for improved resistance.

If you have pests around the home, they can become a real nuisance in hot weather. Use Richgro Indoor Outdoor Surface Spray to create a barrier that can last up to 9 months around your home. The Indoor Outdoor Surface Spray kills and repels Spiders, Papernest Wasps, Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Ticks (excluding Paralysis Ticks), Flies and Mosquitoes. It is also safe for kids and pets once it’s dry.



Roses Yellow Hi Res

Maintain the practice of deadheading summer-flowering plants, with a particular focus on roses, dahlias, agapanthus, and petunias. This strategy prevents seeding and promotes prolonged flowering in repeat-blooming plants. It will not only keep your plants looking beautiful, but also promotes stronger growth as well.


Vegetable Garden 

Cucumbers Gc8D167569 1920The vegetable garden is reaching its peak productivity, with all the summer crops maturing and ready for picking. Harvest vegetables daily.

Cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and beans are best picked while small and succulent to prevent them from becoming overly large, seedy and tasteless. Ensure continuous productivity by providing a fortnightly feed of Richgro Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food Liquid.

As some vegetables wind down after a productive summer, it’s time to get the garden ready for autumn and winter crops including brassicas. Remove spent plants and weedy growth then rejuvenate soils with Richgro Black Marvel Garden Compost, which can be dug into the soil.

Allow the prepared soil to rest while you sow seeds in punnets or seed trays ready to plant out in autumn. Top choices for sowing now include broccoli, brussels’ sprouts, beetroot, cabbage, kale, and turnips.



  • Shield new or delicate plantings by covering them with shade cloth when hot weather is expected.
  • Temporarily relocate hanging baskets and group potted plants in a shaded and cool area.


Happy Gardening