Richgro – Proud Winner Of This Year's APCO Annual Awards For The Agriculture And Nurseries Industry Sector - Richgro
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Richgro – Proud Winner of this year’s APCO Annual Awards for the Agriculture and Nurseries Industry Sector

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Richgro Garden Products is proud to have won the Agriculture and Nurseries Industry Sector Award for this year’s APCO Annual Awards. The awards recognise APCO Members for their commitment to achieving the 2025 National Packaging Targets, through innovative packaging solutions and collaboration across the entire packaging value chain.

Richgro has been at the forefront of improving packaging sustainability in the agriculture and nurseries industry, with a strong commitment towards the 2025 National Packaging Targets and circular design. The company has set targets and worked hard to incorporate recycled content into its packaging. With a long commitment to recoverability, Richgro has continued its collaboration with REMONDIS through its on-site anaerobic digester, which turns organic waste into clean energy.  


Heath Okely, Executive Manager – Retail and Marketing:
We are so honoured to have been chosen as a winner for the APCO Annual Award for the “Agriculture and Nurseries” sector. This huge achievement and recognition of our continuous work towards improving packaging sustainability and waste recovery only serves to motivate us even further in achieving our 2025 sustainability targets and beyond. Sustainability is part of our core business values, geared to operate effectively in closing the loop towards preserving natural resources and saving energy. Our business, our staff, our business associates and our customers are all really embracing the sustainable journey within our industry sector and for that we are truly thankful to all involved including the APCO team for always providing assistance and support.  Our current work with soil carbon, renewable energy and sustainable packaging will continue for a better, greener future.


Richgro recognises the role it has to play in providing products that minimise their impact on the environment and consumers as well as being socially active in promoting sustainability at all levels of business.

  • Buy recycle policy is a cornerstone of our purchasing process
  • Cartons, pallet liners and covers are made of recycled / recyclable material
  • Plastic product packaging is recyclable material with a move towards more recycled content in line with the APCO targets of 50% recycled materials by 2025
  • 70% of all product sales are composts and organics which are essentially recycled products diverted from landfill
  • All timber products (sawdust , pine bark etc.) are sourced from sustainable / renewable timber growth forests
  • To date our Anaerobic Digester Plant has diverted close to 110 000 tonnes of waste from landfill and generated over 38 gigawatts of electricity (see our waste countdown)


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