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Protect your plants through the hot weather by Charlie Albone

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Summer can be a stressful time for your plants and when stressed from heat, pests find it easier to attack and can become a real problem. So, there are a few things you can do to help them through the hot weather.




Insulating your soil and plants

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In Summer, your soil can dry out quickly and when it gets too dry, it becomes hydrophobic, and it can’t absorb water. A quick dose of Richgro Ezi Wet Soil Soaker will fix that. Then apply a layer of mulch to insulate the soil and help keep that moisture in. It’s much more effective to water less often but give your plants a good soaking than a little bit everyday as this teaches your plants’ roots to grow deep which protects them during drought.


Protecting your vegetables and fruit

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Around this time of the year, your vegetables and fruit should be looking good and lemon trees should be showing early signs of fruit. Look out for pests such as Moths or Caterpillars and use Richgro Beat-A-Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray. It is an effective and natural bug spray, and it also gives your plants a boost of natural nutrients at the sight of pest attack for improved resistance.


Keep your lawn healthy

Soil Soaker Charlie Scaled 1Ants often come around when your lawn is really dry. I start my protection against them with a soil wetter such as Ezi-Wet as this ensures water penetrates the ground and doesn’t dry out as quickly, keeping lawns hydrated. Follow up with Richgro Ant, Spider & Cockroach Killer. Either spray around ant nests and trails or where pests are prevalent. Be mindful to not use the product around your veggies though.


Hot Weather – Home Tip

Indoor Outdoor 3L 2020Pest around the home can become a real nuisance in hot weather. Use Richgro Indoor Outdoor Surface Spray to create a barrier that can last up to 9 months around your home. The Indoor Outdoor Surface Spray kills and repels Spiders, Papernest Wasps, Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Ticks (excluding Paralysis Ticks), Flies and Mosquitoes. It is totally safe for kids and pests once it’s dry.


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